Male Boss Wine Gift Set - Red and White California Wines 2 x 750ml

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Give Your Boss The Perfect Wine Set.

2 x 750m bottles chosen from our most popular California wines.

McManis Cabernet Sauvignon

Richness, depth and generosity are good traits of this full-bodied but smooth-textured Cabernet. Light oak accents don't cover up the ripe, juicy, almost jammy blackberry and cherry flavors that fill the mouth and linger on the finish. It's an all-around crowd pleaser that has everything in balance. It will shine equally well with finger foods or with grilled steaks, gourmet burgers or grilled ribs.

Ideal Gift For The Male Boss

This Chardonnay has aromas of bourbon, butterscotch, white peach, and Asian pear. On the palate, creamy toast and peachy caramelized custard flavors are complemented by a clean, hot finish. Barrel fermentation and aging is obvious in the wine, with a full, broad finish. This wine is best complemented by braised meats (lamb shank, pork loin), smoked salmon, or pasta with a cajun cream sauce.

Perfect gift for any man who loves wine. Available for fast delivery.

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