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About Primewines

About Prime Wines

Why you'll love Prime Wines

Tackling corporate wine gifting shouldn't be a source of stress. At Prime Wines, we streamline the process, delivering top-notch wines and champagnes across permitted regions in Canada and the USA. We specialize in ensuring gift-giver peace of mind and securing recipient gratification, complete with personalized messages and professional presentation.

Effortless Wine Gifting Since 1998

Since our inception in 1998, Prime Wines has emerged as the quintessential wine gift delivery service. Recognizing the common jitters of gift selection, we've dedicated ourselves to simplifying your expression of appreciation and recognition of significant achievements.

Wine & Champagne Gifts Delivered Everywhere

From local offices to far-reaching corporate branches, our concierge-inspired team excels at executing hassle-free delivery. Eliminate the complexities of sourcing fine wines—trust us to align your esteemed gestures with sophistication and timeliness.

The Prime Destination for Wine Gifting

Our precise tracking ensures every order culminates in timely toasts and celebrations. Leverage Prime Wines for memorable gifts that resonate with quality, delivered without encroaching upon your valuable time.

Meet Our Team Leaders

Guided by over 50 years of collective experience in the wine industry, our seasoned team steers the course of unparalleled service and expertise.

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Gonzalo Del Rio

Client  Support 

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Jessica Skelly

 Fulfillment and Tracking

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Magen Sedivy

Logistics and Administration

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Jeff  Ibsen

Chief Executive Officer / Founder