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How do I send wine myself in the USA from Canada?

By Jeff I.  •   1 minute read

How do I send wine  myself in the USA from Canada? | PrimeWines

My understanding is that the laws have loosened up on this over the last few years. It's not part of what we do here at, but I'm told that you no longer required to enlist a licensed 3rd party provided that you are shipping to yourself.

If you are purchasing directly from the winery, they can probably arrange to ship it to your home in the the USA. The operative word here is "winery." Each winery has shipping laws dictated by their province. This would be my top recommendation

If you have purchased the wines already, you might try contacting FedEx. Some time back they initiated a program for shipping wine across the US/CA borders. Since you are prepared to declare the shipping contents and willing to pay any necessary duty/tax, FedEx should be able to get it done.

Two approaches come to mind.

  1. Work through the FedEx International Wine Shipping Guide then make a plan
  2. Properly package up some bottles. With the purchase receipt in hand, take the box to your local FedEx Office location. Ask the clerk "Which form do i fill out to send these to my home in the USA?"

Feel free to contact me in the meantime if you have additional questions.

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