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Top 3 Unique Wine Gifts

By Camille Meyers-Jones  •   2 minute read

Top 3 Unique Wine Gifts | PrimeWines

There are only so many bottles of port that you can gift in a given year. Sure, you can vary according to country and appellation, but it’s fun to switch it up every once in a while with a stand out present. When you’re looking for that truly unique wine gift, look no further than these 3 ideas:


For the avid wine taster, this wine opener is a godsend. Instead of always being committed to finishing a bottle within a few days of opening, the Coravin allows you to pour glass by glass without actually removing the cork. But how does Coravin work, you ask? When using the Coravin, a small needle pushes through the cork to slowly pour wine into a glass. While the needle pushes through the cork, harmless argan gas is simultaneously pushed into the bottle so that the wine inside the bottle isn’t exposed to oxygen. It’s a phenomenal invention and frequently touted as a “game changer” by the expert wine community.

Personalize it!

Even though this sounds so simple, personalizing anything is an excellent gift idea. It instantly makes an average gift more interesting and incredibly special for the receiver of the gift. In terms of personalized wine gifts, this can cover a myriad of options, but these three are my top recommendations:

Wine bottles with custom labels

Personalized wine openers

Engraved decanters

Brangelina Wine 

Celebrity wines are popping up left and right but nothing hits the mark quite like adored couple Brangelina’s new wine. Miraval Rose has impressed wine experts near and far as it’s a refreshing and delicate blush wine. Unlike most celebrity wines, vintner Joe Bastianich says Miraval Rose should be taken seriously: “Brad and Angelina are real vintners. They hired a real wine-maker, they waited until the wine was good, they released it properly—this is a legitimate wine. (Vanity Fair)”

With the celebrity appeal and beautiful blush blend, Miraval Rose is a fun and unique wine gift for your always-in-the-know friend. Better yet: add a personalized gift note to your PrimeWines order of Miraval Rose and they’ll be thoroughly impressed!  




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