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Popular Red and White - 4 Bottle Gift Set

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Meiomi Pinot Noir

With a mesmerizing rich garnet color that holds a glimmer of ruby at its edges, the Meiomi Pinot Noir offers an experience of pure decadence in every sip. Upon opening the bottle, an array of vibrant and lifted fruit aromas wafts out of the glass, presenting an alluring bouquet of bright strawberries, juicy jammy fruit, mocha, and vanilla, perfectly complemented by toasty oak notes. This wine's expressive boysenberry, blackberry, dark cherry, and juicy strawberry flavors, paired with toasty mocha notes, lend it a remarkable complexity and depth on the palate that is truly unparalleled. The well-integrated oak provides structure, firmness, and a sense of solidity that sets this Pinot Noir apart from the rest, offering a luxurious and gratifying experience.

Kim Crawford Sauvignon Blanc

The Kim Crawford Sauvignon Blanc is a testament to the timeless beauty and elegance of Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc. Noted for its very pale yellow hue, this wine exudes a refreshing and vibrant charm that is impossible to resist. On the nose, its lifted citrus, tropical fruit, and crushed herb aromas are a testament to the wine's crisp, juicy character, which shines bright on the palate. Packed with vibrant acidity and ample weight and length, this wine is a feast for the taste buds. As the juicy, ripe tropical fruit flavors of passion fruit, melon, and grapefruit swirl around your mouth, you'll be in awe of the wine's ability to deliver an unforgettable experience with each and every sip.

Kaiken Malbec

With an intense red violet color that belies its youthful vibrancy, the Kaiken Malbec is a wine that embodies the spirit of Argentina. Its fruit-forward aromas of ripe strawberries and dry plums, perfectly complemented by the chocolate and vanilla notes from barrel aging, are a testament to the wine's fruity and complex character. On the palate, the Kaiken Malbec is a work of art, showcasing an extraordinary softness and remarkable balance that is nothing short of breathtaking. Whether sipped on its own or paired with a hearty meal, this wine promises to deliver a truly unforgettable experience.

Santa Margherita Pinot Grigio

With its straw yellow color, the Santa Margherita Pinot Grigio is a wine of elegance and grace. Its clean and intense aroma, paired with its bone-dry taste, creates a wine of great personality and versatility. On the palate, the wine's appealing flavor of Golden Delicious apples is a testament to its well-crafted nature, making it an excellent choice as an aperitif. Whether enjoyed on its own or as an accompaniment to a light meal, this Pinot Grigio is a wine that is sure to delight the senses and leave a lasting impression.