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Ronan By Clinet Red Bordeaux 100% Merlot

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The history of Ronan by Clinet brings back to year 2009 when the Director of Château Clinet, Ronan Laborde, has created this new brand. Along the same lines and intergrity, with as much care that is put into the Grand Vin, Clinat has designed a new Bordeaux, Ronan : 100% Merlot. Moreover, since 2015, the estate has invested into new cellars in order to follow the whole production, from harvests to the shipping of the bottles.

As the fruit of a narrow partnership with producers from Francs, Lussac, Castillon, Bordeaux Supérieur, all on the right bank, Ronan holds high the colours of the best Bordeaux terroirs.

At the tasting, Ronan By Clinet Red offers a complex nose and appealing scents of raspberries, cherries, and blackcurrant. The mouth is bright and supple with vibrant flavours of red cherry and backing spices.

Credit: Bordeaux Tradition